The Lil G’s are an inspiring group of individuals dedicated to enhancing the fan experience at Big Gigantic shows. While keeping good vibes flowing and doing their part to spread love and positivity within the music community; Lil G’s are creative, enthusiastic, passionate, reliable and giving.

The mission of The Lil G’s is to promote a safe, comfortable, fun and positive experience for all of those who attend Big Gigantic shows. The Lil G’s are dedicated to spreading positive vibes and pairing philanthropy with the music community. The Lil G’s act as ambassadors of Big Gigantic, and the values promoted through the Lil G Program hold strong at each show and in the daily lives of each member of A Big Gigantic Family.



If you want to dive deeper into making A Big Gigantic Difference with us at Rowdytown VIII this year, apply to be a Lil G!

Our Lil G’s always help take Rowdytown to the next level & we can’t wait to see what everyone creates together for Rowdytown VIII!

Our Lil G’s are our most trusted group of vibe creators…so  if that sounds like something you’re into… Join us! 

Join #ABGF


Street Team / A Big Gigantic Family & Lil G’s is a way to connect with fellow music lovers & Big Gigantic fans, help spread them music you love in your town, be leaders in gathering other family members before a show, participating and leading #ABigGiganticDifference events and positively impacting the world around you & gaining access to inside Big G info before the public! 


If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, we would love to have you on the team!


Simply fill out the info below & we'll get in touch when we come through your town!

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